Friday, November 9, 2012

Plantus Collectivitis

I have resigned myself to the fact that while I appreciate the beauty of some planted tanks I just like too many different plants to be able to achieve their look. My inspiration comes from the floor of the woods behind my house or the fields around me. There are so many colors, shapes and textures all mixed together and I want to see that in my aquariums. Not the manicured lawn of a golf course. While I do find tanks that are highly manicured with only 2 or 3 types of plants to be beautiful I do not find them relaxing. Like I always say, if everyone liked the same things it would be a very boring world.

planted 10 gallon

This is a newly planted 10 gallon. I am using Florite Black substrate in it. Since I have taken this photo some of the plants have melted away their emmersed grown leaves and have new submerged leaves in their place. I had not intended to move my betta over here but I had to because of these beautiful little tail nippers aka glowlight tetras. His tail has grown almost completely back now.

glowlight tetras in heavily planted 29 gallon dirt tank

I am about to start up a 7.9 gallon Fluval Ebi tank that I got for my birthday in October. Originally I had thought it would be an all moss tank with many different types of moss. Then I found some plants I just had to have and so now I am going in a completely different direction. In other words I like too many different plants. :)

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