Wednesday, November 21, 2012

< 8 gallon day 7

ebi day 7

It has only been 7 days and the plants have grown a LOT. I cut off the melted Cryptocoryne walkeri 'lutea' leaves and there are a bunch of new ones. All of the plants are doing really well.I am going to let the stems get just a little bit taller then I plan to trim them down a bit and plant the cuttings.

I am happy with this little mini CO2 set-up and am glad I got it. So far I have been filling the 2 compartments every 2 days.
Adding the 2nd light was a good choice too. While I do like the filter, it seems to have good flow and is very quiet..... I am planning to replace it with a Eheim 2213. I do not like that the stock internal filter tends to come apart if moved. Which means that it will most likely do that when it needs to be taken out and cleaned.