Thursday, November 15, 2012

< 8 gallon planted tank day one

Day one so it is a bit cloudy. 7.9 gallon Fluval EBI tank. I removed the styrofoam rock background because I read too many stories along with photos showing the thing can and will eventually pop out breaking the glass top and light. It can be siliconed in but I thought it looked cheap. It removed very easily with no pressure so I have no doubt it would have popped out.
Extra light and Fluval Mini Pressurized CO2 Kit have been added. Substrate is 20/40 grit Black Diamond. I am using root tabs and liquid ferts.

ebi day 1

Plant list...
Fissidens fontanus
Ludwigia species 'Atlantis'
Ludwigia hybrid species 'Red'
Hydrocotyle sibthorpioides
Echinodorus bolivianus
Mayaca fluviatilis
Cryptocoryne walkeri 'lutea'
Lobelia cardinalis, Small Form
One little Marsilea quadrifolia that came as a stow away in the Hydrocotyle order. I planted it in the front by itself for now to see if it will take root. If it does I may order some.
I cannot wait for the Fissidens to grow and cover the glue.

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