Saturday, April 5, 2014

Trailing vegetables and update on previous experiments

Today I began an experiment. I have a bunch of those coir lined hanging baskets. I planted green peas in them.  Would like to see if they do as well trailing down as they do growing up a trellis.

Update on the avocado seed experiment from my previous post. Using the water beads was an utter failure. Not sure why but the seeds never made roots. I have rooted many avocados using the toothpick method and also from just floating in water. Perhaps some chemical in those water beads prevented it from working.

Update on strawberry ball. It was great! Looked beautiful and produced many berries. However, being afraid of keeping the strawberry plants through Winter I planted them in the ground last fall in a little raised bed. They seem happy there and have even made baby plants.

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Unknown said...

So looking forward to the snow being gone here and the beginning of garden season.