Friday, April 26, 2013

New plants plus an update on the Strawberry Ball

I love geraniums and last weekend my husband got me this new one. It is called Fantasy Candy Kiss. It is so beautiful! The petals look as if they were painted with watercolors.

Fantasy Candy Kiss Geranium

We also picked up some peppermint. He wanted to plant it with our spearmint but I would not let him. It will go in my kitchen herb garden.


The strawberry ball I made has been doing wonderfully. It keeps making new blooms, the plants are growing and there are strawberries forming!

Strawberry Bloom

Strawberries beginning

Monday, April 15, 2013

Strawberry Ball

I repinned a project to make a succulent ball to the Contain Gardens board on my pinterest last year and really wanted to make one. However, after looking everywhere and not finding any succulents I decided to wait and order some online. This year I decided to take the same technique but use strawberry plants. The reasons I wanted to put the strawberries into a ball, less watering, no weeds.

posted image

Hopefully as the plants grow they will cover the ball. To do this just fill 2 coconunt coir lined hanging baskets with soil. Put them together and attach with zip ties. I took a utility razor knife and cut a slit for each plant. Be careful not to cut yourself. Then you gently remove some of the soil from the seedlings roots so it will fit into the hole. Gently put the plant's roots into the hole. Then I put a little more soil in and pulled the coir close to the plant. We will look at this again in a few weeks to see how they do.
That is it. Hope you try your own.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Celery Experiment Update

I think danger of frost has finally past here in my corner of Tennessee. Finally get to plant my celery experiment outside and get it out of the window. Look how much it has grown!
This is today...

 photo celeryexperimentupdate_zps1e7d4490.jpg

This was February 15...

celery experiment photo celeryexperiment_zpsfd6b18bb.jpg

It did wonderfully! I always make compost but love the idea of getting a jump start on garden plants from kitchen scraps.