Saturday, June 22, 2013

Air plant hangers

I love air plants and I saw a wine cork hanging basket tutorial for them on Pinterest and made myself a couple of them.

air plants photo airplants_zps2a10fa42.jpg

Here is the tutorial I got the idea from.  I will tell what I did differently below.

I used 50lb test fishing line to weave the mesh bottom instead of waxed linen. I tied florists paddle wire around the entire circumference several times and also used it to make the hanger. I did this because of the mention in the tutorial about the basket coming apart if it gets wet. Around the florist wire I wrapped raffia.
Originally I did push Spanish moss up through the bottom like the original tutorial but did not want that look so I removed it and put a little of the Spanish moss in the basket underneath the air plants.


About Dzign by Jamie said...

Those are great! I killed my air plant. How do you KILL a plant that lives on AIR?? lol

coltpixy said...

Jamie, you have to put them in water for a few minutes once or twice a week.

About Dzign by Jamie said...

Thanks! I'll have to try them again. :D